Our Story

We aim to enrich our community by promoting cultural diversity and inclusion through cuisine, arts, and education. 
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2019 Event Statistics

The Atlanta International Night Market (AINM) was founded in 2016 by David Lee and a group of friends. An immigrant from Vietnam, David sought to share a more profound understanding of his culture with the broader Atlanta community. However, upon building his roots in the city, he came to the realization that there is a distinct lack of awareness around the breadth of Atlanta’s cultural identities. The Atlanta International Night Market was born of a need to strengthen that awareness.

With the event as a tapestry, the AINM team has woven cultural arts, education, and cuisine into a singular platform to both enrich and display the vibrant multicultural diversity that is Atlanta. 

Our initial event debuted the fall of 2016 in the City of Norcross with a total of 6,000+ attendees over the span of three days. Over the next several years, we have grown those numbers to 50,000+ attendees and 120+ vendors at each of our signature events. With the exponential growth of the annual Night Market event, the AINM team has recognized the need for additional programs to further our mission: the enrichment of our community by promoting cultural diversity through cuisine, arts, and educational programming.